About Us

J. van Zanten Ltd. is a family business that dates back to the late 50s. In the past providing for a growing need for personal care products formed the basis of our organisation. Now we are one of the biggest suppliers in the Netherlands in the field of jewellery, hair accessories, toiletries, and various other fashionable products.

Over the years our collections and products have grown with the demands and wishes of our clients. We capitalise on the trends that determine high street fashion. Quality, dependability, fashion & design are at the heart of our organisation. We closely follow trends and translate them into a fun, trendy, and accessible collection for all women and of all ages.

Aside from carrying out a wholesale function we have also been employing a strong international team of visual merchandisers for the past 15 years. This team communicates with over 1700 outlets in 7 different countries. The close in-store relationship that we have built ensures that we have a precise knowledge of the needs of our clients.

Passion, loyalty, and originality distinguish us and we take pride in being partnered with many leading major retailers. At the same time we are also more than happy to supply small business owners at one or several locations with our various own brands.

Our webshop is available to you if you wish to make your own selection of our products online.

Our local and international clientele are active in various sectors:

  • Department stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Fashion retailers
  • Holiday parks
  • Hairdressing wholesalers & Hairdresser’s
  • Various other retailers